6 Days Through the Talas Valley
Tour Type: Adventure Tours in Kyrgyzstan Price:  $ 1215.00 Duration: 6 day(s)



The village of Köpürö-Bazar lies to the east of Talas, at the mouth of the Karakol Gorge on the Talas River. It is surrounded by mountains and with 12km of birch woods (unique to the Talas Valley) in which wild mushrooms grow and the river is teeming with trout. Nearby is an old gold mine. It is possible to horse trek over the Korumdu Ashuu Pass to a small mountain lake, Köl-Tör, considered sacred by many Kyrgyz and which has changed little since the hordes of Genghis Khan passed through and the feuding Kyrgyz and Kalmyk tribes fought here. There are some petroglyphs here as evidence of mans early settlement in the region.


Level of Difficulty: Easy; some horse-riding experience is required

Best Season: June-September

Requirements: Own sleeping bag, trekking boots, weatherproof clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen


Description: Kopürö-Bazar is the last village in the Talas Valley, near its border with the Chui Valley. The village offers a large variety of historical sites to explore. Near the Jartash base camp there are lots of ancient stones with drawings of Genghis Khan's cart and various animals. Kindik- Tash, an enormous rock will amaze you with its ancient petroglyphs and surrounding innocent wildlife.


Itinerary: Kopürö-Bazar Village Jartash base camp. Heading off to various destinations and returning to the base camp every day.


Day 1: Set off in the morning from Kopürö-Bazar Village towards Jartash base camp by car. Passing Tüyük-r, it is possible to observe a traditional shepherd’s way of life. Traditional lunch with local milk products and a stay overnight in yurt.


Day 2: Breakfast. Setting off towards the Green Lake and Waterfalls in Jartash Valley. After 2 hours horseback riding through fantastic scenery, 2 wonderful lakes 200-300 metres apart will appear. Saimaluu-Tash is your destination with plenty of rocks with ancient stone petroglyphs of various animals. Ride to the waterfalls. Rest, then ride back to Jartash base. Dinner, overnight stay in yurt.


Day 3: Ride towards the biggest lake in Karakol Valley. Rest and picnic on a lakeshore. You can either stay overnight in tents on the shore of the lake or go back to the base camp.


Day 4: Seeing the fancy stones and roads of the great Genghis Khan, which are in the Uchat Valley. This charming place consists of three valleys: Maimyl-Tör, l-Tör, and Ashuu-Tör. The streams of these three valleys are the source of the Talas River. Back to base camp for supper and overnight stay.


Day 5: Going over the Ashuu-Tör Pass. The pass is quite high and after the descent, you can enjoy a rest and a delicious picnic. Afternoon sightseeing. Dinner and lunch will be in tents.


Day 6: 4-5 hours on horseback will bring you to the beautiful, two part waterfall known as “The Tears of the Grey Goat”. In the afternoon two options are available: either to go back across the pass to the base camp or to go to Tokoiluu via another pass аnd then go on to Suusamyr jailoo, from where travelers can continue on to Bishkek or Osh


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