Aral Neighbourhood
Tour Type: Adventure Tours in Kyrgyzstan Price:  $ 695.00 Duration: 2 day(s)


Level of Difficulty: Low; some horse-riding experience is required

Best Season: June-late September

Requirements: Own sleeping bag, advanced trekking boots, rain and storm jackets, two pairs of trousers (light and warm), gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen


Itinerary: Talas – Aral Village - Ünkür-Kyshtoo area – Ak-Terek Gorge – Aral Village – Talas


Day 1: Depart Talas, arrive in Aral Village. Meet the local guide, briefing, and some basic instruction on horseback riding skills. Moving north towards Ünkür-Kyshtoo, where you can see the fantastic rocks with the shapes of different animals: eagles, cobras, turtles etc and discover ancient petroglyphs. Continue riding along the picturesque Ken-Sai Gorge to the beautiful waterfall. Picnic on the bank of the small mountain river. Ride to the Kichi-Kaindy yurt camp, rest and get to know how the local shepherds live. After dinner, it is possible to go fishing and stay overnight in traditional Kyrgyz felt tents, boz üi (yurts).


Day 2: Breakfast. Setting off along the Ak-Terek Gorge towards the mountain waterfall. Strolling around the waterfall, climbing small rocks and exploring some caves. Picnic near the waterfall and ride through the Ker-Bulak forest to the dam. Rest on the shore of the reservoir, go swimming and travel on to Aral Village. Dinner, shower in the guesthouse in Aral. In the evening, it is possible to organize some Kyrgyz traditional horse games and folklore concerts. Overnight stay in the guesthouse, depart for Talas next morning.

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