Adventures in the Celestial Mountains
Tour Type: Adventure Tours in Kyrgyzstan Price:  $ 2600.00 Duration: 26 day(s)

We will help you to discover Kyrgyzstan, a unique country lying in the heart of the Tien-Shan Mountains. It is a land of contrasts offering multitude of spectacular landscapes: wide steppes, green fields, sandy deserts, turquoise lakes, snowy mountains, fast rivers, an abundance of wildlife with many rare and endangered species, historical and archeological places connected with the Great Silk Road and people preserving traditions of their nomadic ancestors. All this makes Kyrgyzstan a pearl of Central Asia. 


Adventures in the Celestial Mountains

Adventure Family Tour: 26 days  

Day 1 Europe-Bishkek: Flying from Europe to Manas airport. Transfer to Bishkek. Overnight at the hotel.


Day 1 Europe – Bishkek : Meeting at the airport in Bishkek. Transfer to guesthouse. Opportunity to take a shower and have breakfast before city tour. Sight-seeing tour of Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic. From 1926 to 1991 the city was known as Frunze named after the Bolshevik military leader Mihail Frunze. After the independence it was renamed Bishkek. Visiting Ala-Too Square, the main square of Kyrgyzstan, The State Historical Museum, providing different founds and exhibits relating to the Kyrgyz history, Old Square, Manas Square called after Kyrgyz legendary hero Manas, “ZUM” shopping center where you can buy different souvenirs. Lunch at a local restaurant. Visiting colorful Osh Bazaar, the main open-air market in Bishkek. Overnight  in guesthouse.


Day 2 Bishkek- Toguz Bulak (32 km cycling 4-5 hours): After breakfast we will drive to the mountains where we will get our bicycles. From there we will cycle towards Kyrgyz Ala-Too mountain range, then along the ridge to the mountain camp Toguz Bulak. Overnight in tents or guesthouse.

Day 3 Toguz Bulak – Issyk Ata (30 km cycling 3-4 hours): In the morning we will set off for Issyk-Ata Gorge situated at the altitude of 1775 meters above the sea level. There we will see a carved image of Buddha on a rock. Hiking to the waterfall. Opportunity to go swimming in the hot springs of Issyk-Ata Sanatorium.  Overnight in tents.


Day 4 Issyk Ata - Boom gorge (16 km cycling, 1-2 hours): In the morning we proceed to the Burana Museum, a site of a medieval city of Balasagun, the capital of the Karahanid Kaganate, a Turkic dynasty of the 11 century. After picnic we return your bicycles and drive to Boom Gorge. There we will stop to visit Konorchek Canyon. Hiking about 3 hours amidst impressive beauty of the canyon that   resembles the Grand Canyon in the United. In the afternoon rafting in the Chui River. Setting up a camp. On the bank on the river. Overnight in a tent. 


Day 5 Rafting down the Chui River (25km rafting): The whole day we will do rafting down the Chui River, the second longest river in Kyrgyzstan. The river begins in the Kochkor valley, not in the Issyk-Kul Lake. We will go rafting in the section of the river with level 2. Overnight in a tent on the bank of the river.


Day 6 Rafting in the river in Chon-Kemin – Issyk-Kul (23km rafting): After breakfast transfer to Tschon-Kemin Valley. Rafting (2-3 class). Then drive to the Issyk-Kul lake. Lake Issyk-Kul is the second biggest mountain lake in the world after Titicaca Lake, situated at the altitude of more then 1600 meters above the sea level. Its depth reaches 700 meters and leanth makes up 178 km and width – 65 km. Swimming in the lake, the temperature of water of which is 25 degrees. Overnight in a family in Tamchi village.


Day 7 Transfer Tamtchi –Pakrovka (190 km): After breakfast we will set off for Cholpon-Ata, where we will visit the museum of petroglyphs (rock drawings) and the Historical Museum. Then we continue our way to Karakol, a town founded in the 19th century as a Russian garrison where a famous Russian explorer Prjval’skii lived. We will visit Prjval’skii memorial complex and then drive to the village of Pakrovka. In the afternoon sightseeing tour of Karakol. We will see the Dungan Mosque and the Holy Trinity Cathedral in order to understand the life of Kyrgyz people in the 19th century. These buildings were made of wood and are the oldest religious constractions in Kyrgyzstan. Then we will drive back to Pakrovka village. Taking a Russian sauna. Overnight in a family.


Day 8 Pakrovka- Kichi Kizil-Suu (25km): We will leave our hosts and begin our horsetreck in a small valley Kichi Kyzyl-Suu (« small red water »). We will see a wonderfull view of the Issyk-Kul Lake. We will stop by yurts and try different dished made of milk, including Kymyz – fermanted mare’s milk, that is very popular in Kyrgyzstan. We will ride through the forest to get to our camp. 6 hours riding. Overnight in a tent (2200m). 


Day 9 Kichi Kyzyl-Suu – Jiluu-Suu via Jumatai Pass: After a big breakfast we will get our horses and set off for Jumatai Pass. We will ride through Jumatai Pass (3700 m)  to get to Jiluu-Suu (“warm water”), where you will be able to swim in hot springs(+40 degrees).  We will descend to the Djukutchak valley again to spend the night in a tent.   4-5 hours riding.


Day 10 Djukutchak-Djuuku: After our breakfast we will continue our horstreck to overpass Ashuu-Teur Pass( 3646 m) that lead us to  Djuuku valley. Not only the caravans of the Great Silk Road time came through this valley, but also a famous Russian explorer Semonov Tien-Shanskii and a traveler Ella Maillart. We will see the ruins of a former small caravanserai. Overnight in a tent.


Day 11 Djuuku-Dungourome (30km): This day we will follow the routes of the Great Silk Road. We will ascend to the Djuuku valley, ride over Dungourome Pass(3731 m) before we reach the forest. Meeting the nomads. Overnight in a tent.


Day 12  Dungourome Gorge –Barskoon Cascades - Tamga (25km): After breakfast we will get to the Barskoon valley, where we will see cascades, yurt camps and the monument, dedicated to Yurii Gagarin, a famous Russian cosmonaut. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day 13 Tamga (the whole day on the beach) : Today we have free time. A small walk along the cost, swimming in the lake, lying on the beach, sunbathing. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day 14  Transfer Tamga- Karl Marx : This morning we set off for Bokonbaeva village. On the way we will stop in Kadji-Sai village to enjoy the scenery of the red desserts. Then we will stop by Manjaly-Ata hot springs. Lunch in a house of a hunter with golden eagles. This old hunter will tell us how he keeps the old traditions of this sort of hunting and how he trains his birds of prey. In the afternoon we will continue our way to our yurtcamp, that looks like an oasis amidst the dessert.  Overnight in a tent on the cost of the Issyk-Kul Lake.


Day 15  Transfer Karl-Marks – Ottuk (alt. 2700m) : After a good sleep we will go to the Son-Kul Lake, that is situated at the altitude of 3016 meters above the sea level. On the way visit of Kochkor village, where Fatima will show us the process of making a traditional Kyrgyz carpet. We will visit the museum of and watch a national folklore concert.  We will have an opportunity to try to play a traditional Kyrgyz musical instrument Komuz and to buy souvenirs. Then we will drive to the canyon, leading to a small silent Ottuk valley. We will stop on the bank of the river and see yaks.


Day 16  Ottuk valley –Son -Kul Lake (3016m.): In the morning we will drive towards Kalmak Ashuu Pass (alt. 3200m). We will see plenty of yaks and marmots. Getting to the pass we will see a wonderful scenery of the Son-Kul Lake. We will take our car to get to the yurtcamp, where we will stay for a night. We will see the flocks of sheep, cows, yaks and horses and see Kyrgyz women making traditional dishes. We will watch a sunset on the shore of the lake. Overnight in yurts with herdsmen in Tash Doeboe.


Day 17 Son-Kul Lake: In the morning we will get up early to accompany the herdsmen and their flocks to the pasture. We wiil ride over Moldo Ashu Pass. On the way we will see petroglyphs and watch horse-riding games.  Overnight in yurts.


Day 18  Transfer Son-Kul – Kourtka : After breakfast drive up to the pass, then down  to the Kurtka valley. We will come down to the Naryn River where we can try your strength at fishing. On the way we will see some old mousoleums. Overnight in a tent in the Kurtka valley. 


Day 19  Transfer Kurtka –  Kazarman – Saimaluu Tash ( 150 km): After a good sleep in the open air we continue our way towards Kazarman Valley. In the afternoon we will stop in Chet Bulak where we will start our hiking to the most beautiful collection of peroglyphs in Central Asia. Overnight in a tent.


Day 20  Sailmaluu Tash – Ferghana Massif (150 km) : In the morning we will set off for a small village of Atai, then we will go further and overpass the Pass, leading to Djalal-Abad and famous walnut forests. Overnight in a tent. 


Day 21  Ferghana Massif –Osh (150 km) : We will go to Osh city by our car. We will drive through a small and quiet town of Djalal-Abad, then Uzgen town where we will visit a minaret of the 11th century and three mausoleums. We will drive further for about an hour before we see Suleiman Too, a mountain, situated in the heart of Osh city, one of the oldest cities in Kyrgyzstan (more than 300 years old). On the way we will see the Fergana Valley with its cotton plantation.  Arrival in Osh. In the evening walk around the city.  Overnight in guesthouse.


Day 22 Osh – Arslanbob (270 km): In the morning sightseeing tour. Visit of the colorful Osh bazaar, the oldest bazaar in Kyrgyzstan. Setting off for Arslanbob, a small village amidst wonderful walnut forests, occupying more than 70 thousand hectares. According to the legends, these forests were valued by King Solomon and Alexander the Great. We will enjoy this wonderful scenery and spend the night in guesthouse.


Day 23 Arslanbob – Kyzyl Unkur : We will spend the whole day hiking in these forests. We will come through Kyzyl Unkur village, ascend to the village to get to our camp.  We will have some time for fishing.  Overnight in a tent.


Day 24 Kyzyl Unkur – Sussamyr: Setting off for the Susamyr valley again. We will see a variety of wonderful landscapes again and the biggest reservoir in Kyrgyzstan – Toktogul reservoir.  We will drive through Chichkan Canyon again and see Kyrgyz nomads and their herds. Overnight ii yurts.


Day 25 Sussamyr – Bishkek : In the morning we leave the jaoloo (summer pasture) and drive up to the Kyrgyz Ala-Too and then move through Toe-Ashuu tunnel to get to Kara-Balta gorge. Arrival in Bishkek by lunchtime. In the afternoon we will have time to go shopping and will have an opportunity to buy some soveniurs. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day 26 Transfer to the airport, flight to Europe:



  • Transport (vehicle and driver)
  • Guide service (English-speaking guide, rafting and horse-riding instructors)
  • Accommodation
  • Meal


  • Travel insurance
  • Air tickets and taxes
  • Visa support
  • Alcohol and water
  • Additional services

Quote for the tour will be provide upon request and will depend on number of people in the group, hotel preferences (2,3,4,5 *), room types (single, twin…) and other factors. 

For detailed itinerary you can refer to this large Map of Kyrgyzstan 


Kyrgyz visa can be obtained in the permanent representation of Kyrgyzstan in Europe or at Manas International Airport in Bishkek (2 passport’s photos and 35$ per pax, passport with a validity of minimum 6 months.)

This is a draft program. It can be revised in line with your request and your personal circumstances such as changes in flights, bad weather conditions and other unforeseen events.      



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