At the foot of the Terskei Ala-Too
Tour Type: Horseback Tours across river and valleys of Kyrgyzstan Price:  $ 1900.00 Duration: 15 day(s)

At the foot of the Terskei Ala-Too

Horseback Tour: 15 days


We will help you to follow Marco Polo’s routes over the most beautiful passes of the Great Silk Road. This peculiar adventure will lead you to the land lying amidst the high Tien Shan Mountains, a big mountain range between China and West. You will cross fast rivers and high mountains thanks to staying power of Kyrgyz horses, the most important animals for nomads from the ancient times. During this trip you will meet nomadic people and get acquaintance with their culture and traditions. 


Day 1 Europe-Bishkek: Flying from Europe to Manas airport. Transfer to Bishkek. Overnight at the hotel.


Day 2 Bichkek - Karakol: In the morning drive towards the Issyk-Kul Lake situated at the altitude of 1600 meters above the sea level to get to Karakol town, the administrative center of the Issyk-Kul region.  Two hours later we stop at Konorchek Canyon. Short hiking in the canyon where we will have picnic. Coming back to the car. We continue our way towards Cholpon-Ata town, where we will visit the Petroglyphs museum. Arrival in Karakol. Accommodation in guesthouse.


Day 3 Karakol: This day is dedicated to sightseeing tour of Karakol. After breakfast visiting the Memorial Complex of Prjvalsky in Karakol, a famous Russian explorer of the 19th century, and a huge Karakol bazaar where we will try shashlyk (shish kebab) and traditional Ashlyanfu. Opportunity to buy dry fruit and honey. In order to understand the life of Kyrgyz people in the 19th century we will visit the Dungan Mosque and the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the oldest religious buildings in Kyrgyzstan  made of wood. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day 4 Karakol – Irdik: In the morning we will get our horses and ride in the direction of the mountains. Disappearing in the Karakol valley we will get to the lakes of Irdik. Overnight in a tent.


Day 5 Irdik – Kyzyl-Jar: We will ride up to the eastern Irdik Lake. Then coming down to the Kyzyl-Jar valley where we will set up our camp for a night. Overnight in a tent.


Day 5 Irdik – Jeti-Oguz: We will ride through the forests and come down to the Jety-Oguz valley. Here we will get an opportunity to take a bath and massage in Jety-Oguz sanatorium, a very popular place resort of the Soviet time. 


Day 6  Jeti Oguz – Jeli Suu (Chon Kyzyl-Suu valley): We will ride up through the fields leaving a pleasure resort of Yurii Gagarin. We will discover the field of edelweiss among the mountain forests. We will ride down to the Chon Kyzyl-Suu valley and ascend  to the former geophysical  station. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day 7 Chon Kyzyl-Suu: In the morning ride to the glacier lake Kachkator. We will visit the former geophysical station Chon Kyzyl-Suu,  then ride through the small Kachkator valley. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day 8 Chon Kyzyl-Suu – Kitchi Kyzyl-Suu: We will ride down a few kilometers to get to the path leading to the Kitchi Kyzyl-Suu valley. We will have a wonderful view of the Issyk-Kul Lake. Overnight in a tent.


Day 9 Kitchi Kyzyl-Suu - Jumalai  - Djukutchak: Coming down to the valley. We will ride over the pass to get to the Jumalai valley, then to Djukutchak valley. Overnight  near the hot springs.


Day 10 Djukutchak Valley:  The whole day is devoted to exploration of a remote Djukutchak valley. We will enjoy the scenery of the Terskei Ala-Too slopes. Overnight at the same place.


Day 11 Djukutchak – Ton:  Riding down to the Issyk-Kul Lake again. The end of our riding in Saru. Transfer to Ton. Overnight in a yurt.


Day 12 Ton – Chon-Kemin: We will take a visit to a sacred springs of Manjili Ata and go swimming in the Issyk-Kul Lake. Drive to Bokonbaevo village, where we can meet a hunter with golden eagles. We continue our way to the Chon-Kemin valley. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day 13 Chon-Kemin – Bichkek: Transfer to Bishkek. Stop at  the Burana musem, a site of  a midievel city of Balasagun, the capital of the Karahanids (a Turcic dynasty of the 11th century). Picnic and arrival in Bishkek. Walk around the city. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day 14 Bishkek: Sight seeing tour of Bishkek. Visit of its museums, squares and bazaar. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day 15 Bishkek-Europe: In the morning transfer to the airport. Flight to Europe.



  • Meeting at airport
  • Transport (vehicle and driver)
  • Guide service
  • Accommodation (hotel, guesthouse,  homestay, tents)
  • Rent of horses
  • Horse navifator
  • Meal
  • Admission  to museums
  • Admission to national parks


  • Travel insurance
  • Air tickets and taxes
  • Visa support
  • Alcohol and water
  • Additional services

Quote for the tour will be provide upon request and will depend on number of people in the group, hotel preferences (2,3,4,5 *), room types (single, twin…) and other factors. Rough quotes given below

For detailed itinerary you can refer to this large Map of Kyrgyzstan 


This riding tour is made special for experienced riders. During this tour the average altitude will be 3600 meters above the sea level. The weather conditions can be very severe. We recommend you to have special equipment to face storm, snow, rain and hail. Nights can be very cold.

Kyrgyz visa can be obtained in the permanent representation of Kyrgyzstan in Europe or at Manas International Airport in Bishkek (2 passport’s photos and 35$ per pax, passport with a validity of minimum 6 months.)

This is a draft program. It can be revised in line with your request and your personal circumstances such as changes in flights, bad weather conditions and other unforeseen events.   


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