Celebrations of Margilan city’s 2000th anniversary held

UzA – President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov participated in the celebrations of the 2000th anniversary of the city of Margilan on 7 September.

In accordance with the resolution of the head of the state of 9 November 2005 on celebration of Margilan’s jubilee, wide-scale construction works have been held in the city.

Among the newly built objects is the 10-hectare Youth Alley, which includes an aqua park and a 1400-seat amphitheatre where the celebrations were held.

Speaking to the participants of the solemn ceremony, President Islam Karimov congratulated city residents and all people of Uzbekistan with the jubilee.

Head of UNESCO office in Uzbekistan Anna Paolini passed the congratulatory message of the organization’s general director Koitiro Matsuura.

While visiting Margilan on Friday, President Karimov familiarized himself with the Said Ahmad Khoja Eshon madrassah, which was built in 1870-1875. Nowadays Margilan craftsmen center functions in the building.

Other objects visited by the President included the newly built school No.32, a 600-cubic-meter closed swimming pool and the new central market.

A number of city streets were reconstructed, and new residential buildings as well as new hotel Adras were built. New digital telephone stations were commissioned.