Uzbekistan Airways carries 1 million passengers in 1Н 2008

Uzbekistan Airways, the national air company, transported about 1 million passengers and almost 12,000 tons of cargo in the first half of 2008.

The company director general Valery Tyan told journalists in Tashkent that Uzbekistan Airways was implementing a special complex development plan, designed until 2010. It includes a wide range of offers and services aimed at increasing the comfort of passengers and safety of flight.

Currently the airline offers routes to all large cities of Uzbekistan and to more than 45 international destinations. Representative offices of Uzbekistan Airways operate in more than 40 cities of Europe, Asia, America and the CIS.

During 2008-2009, the national airline of Uzbekistan should join the international alliance Sky Team, which unites the world’s largest airlines and controls 35% of the passenger and cargo transportation market.

The cooperation with the alliance will open new opportunities for further integration of the Uzbekistan Airways in the international air transport system