Priceless heritage of Zakhriddin Muhammad Babur

Zakhriddin Muhammad Babur has left enormous literary heritage. His fine poetry, and the noble ideas embodied in «Boburname» and other works, telling about a way of life, customs, the nature and values of the people of the East, continue to call the whole humankind for perfection and a mutual consent.

At the meeting called «The priceless heritage of the ruler and the poet», devoted to the 525 anniversary from the date of birth of Babur, was organized at Republican children’s library. The event was organized by National book chamber of Uzbekistan together with the Republican centre of spirituality. The scientists, experts, students and admirers of the classical literature participated at the event.

The poem competition was also organized during the event.

Participants of the event saw the exhibition organized in the library and devoted to a life, and activity Zakhriddin Muhammad Babur and his descendants.