The Japanese-Uzbek trading-investment seminar in Tokyo

From the Uzbek part initiators and developers of the project were the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Japan, Representation of Fund Forum in Tokyo with active assistance of the Ministry of external economic relations, investments and trade of Uzbekistan, and the Center of political researches. 120 representatives of business circles have taken part in seminar work with participation of responsible departments of the Ministry of Economy, trade and the industry, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the analytical centers and the leading economic organizations of Japan.  

The project also has been dated for historical event of cooperation - to the conclusion of the first in the Central Asia «Agreements between the Republic of Uzbekistan and Japan about liberalization, encouragement and protection of investments». The seminar became logic continuation of the before spent under the aegis of the Fund Forum in Tashkent and Tokyo the Uzbek-Japanese Business forums, organized by joint efforts of the state and public structures of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Japan. «The agreement provides granting to investors and investments of the other part the regime not less favorable, than what is given to own investors and their investments. The parts have agreed to provide full protection and safety of investments.  

Thus to investors of each part from other part gives a guarantee of free transfer of money resources in connection with investments in its territory and for limits of its territory without delays in free converting currency at market cost for transfer date», - the senator has noted. «The Japanese parliament already ratified the similar law, and is planned, that to the summer of this year the exchange of ratification of credentials will take place.  

Here pertinently to notice that expansion of the Japanese investments will promote acceleration of technical modernization of the republic’s industry, that is one of priorities of the Anti-crisis program on 2009 – 2012», - the Uzbek senator has concluded. In Uzbekistan it is realized more than ten large-scale projects with participation of the Japanese investments. In Uzbekistan representations of 22 large Japanese corporations, including "Mitsui", "Mitsubishi", «Nishe Ivai» are opened. Some joint ventures operate in spheres of mechanical engineering, light industry, internal and foreign trade, transport service and tourism.