Uzbekistan at the International Tourism Exhibition – 2009

Within the limits of visit to Embassy of Uzbekistan in Germany the presentation of tourist potential of republic has taken place, where it was noticed that in Uzbekistan there are ample opportunities not only developments of traditional tourism, but also various its other kinds, including ecotourism, sports tourism, agricultural, historical tourism.

It is necessary to notice that now about 60 % of all foreign tourists visiting Uzbekistan, a lot of tourists from European countries, among them Germany occupies one of leading places in the organization of the general stream of tourists.  

Thereupon, the general manager of German travel company SicherReisen GmbH V. Nitshe has underlined, that «Uzbekistan is an example peaceful co-existence of different religions, cultures and representatives of ethnic groups, and the hospitable people, the beautiful landscape and historical cities with numerous architectural monuments create a strong basis for cooperation expansion in this sphere».  

The representative of Swiss travel company INDO ORIENT TOURS M. Singuta has informed on the increased interest to Uzbekistan from outside of Swiss tourists, in particular to its ancient historical cities, traditional national holidays. In the given context the actions spent in Uzbekistan within the limits of celebrating of 2200-year-old anniversary of a city of Tashkent have special meaning.