Uzbekistan is well-known not only with its fertile valleys and ancient cities, but also with picturesque mountain tops, also attracts Speleotourists. In particular in our country, in Surhandarya Mountains, the deepest cave of Asia - «Boy-Bulak» (Rich-Spring) is located. Its depth is 1415 meters. A mysterious legend surrounds a 500-metre depth cave on a plateau of Polathan in mountains of Chimgan. And there is one more care which is quite popular among Speleotourists of CIS on the territory of Uzbekistan - Festival. 

The courage helps to take not only cities, -also it helps climbing on mountain tops and not less (and, maybe more) dizzy descents in depth of caves. But except courage for safe returning from darkness of natural vaults to light of day experience and professionalism are necessary. This is a warning of Speleotourists - the people who are engaged in extreme "walks" on labyrinths of caves. By the way, Speleotourism often got confused with speleology, though it is various concepts. Speleology, as experts explain, - is a science which is engaged in studying of caves, process of their formation, their characteristics. And Speleotourism - is a more variety of sports. 

The silent world of caves in the research appears to be live. Bats lives at the entries in grottoes. Special fishes at times were found in underground lakes, - in a full darkness their eyesight were atrophied, and the scales got paled. Also the traces of sojourn of ancient people were found in these caves.   

To the questions about treasures and the mysterious putting thought into one’s head about ancient, obscure to us people and civilizations, Speleotourists answer differently. Some of them are ready to speak hours about the most improbable feeling which they had in caves, someone shrugs shoulders and says that what seems a miracle in the darkness, can be easily explained in a daylight. And still, even the most inveterate skeptics sometimes got a feeling of that they could have see something very unusual. After all, the world of caves is as if other dimension. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain with words.