Time "to collect stones"

Ecological results of the left year the International organization of ecology and health «Ecosan» which "has sounded" the activity in 2008 in figures and the facts has brought also. So, IO «Ecosan» in leaving year special attention has given to assistance of decisions questions of ecological safety, preservation of the environment and population health through realization of target programs, consolidation of efforts of the governmental and non-governmental structures, the international organizations, scientific, experts.

Also past year IO has spent 26 international conferences, meetings «behind a round table», public hearings on which have been discussed socially-ecological questions and problems both in republic scales, and in region of the Central Asia, development of the international cooperation in the decision of socially-environmental problems, especially problems of climate change and adaptation to its consequences, etc.

Within a year passed the International festival under the motto «Tourism and ecotourism with a view of a sustainable development», devoted to the World day of tourism, ecofestival «We are to children of Aral», ecoforum «Day of the Earth-2008», The Marathon ecofestivals «Independence, ecology and population health», spent in July-August of last year which has been devoted to the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan has taken place. Ecofestivals have passed in Tashkent, in all regional centers and republic areas.

Dynamically humanitarian cooperation «Ecosan» with domestic and foreign partners developed. In charitable actions of the ecological organization the most active participation embassies of Azerbaijan, Egypt, India, China, Russia, Czech, and also, the International fond of Kuwait, Roszarubejcentr have accepted.  Now is conducted the work on preparation of programs and the projects devoted to 2009, which declared in our republic the Year of development and accomplishment of the village.