Its initiator became the local NNO, which got support Global ecological fund’s Programs of small grants in Uzbekistan. This territory includes also mountain ridges of Nurata and Koytash, part of the desert Kyzyl Kum, and Aydar - Arnasay system of lakes and is the original reduced model of all Central Asia.  The most valuable are the mountain and deserted woods, first of all inundated nut trees woods of a ridge Nurata, which representing unique genetic fund of various ancient grades of a walnut and other trees.  In a south-east part of the desert Kyzyl Kum the considerable area occupies natural woods which don’t have analogues in republic. The area covered with wood makes here about 49 thousand hectares. The most part of the wood earths is a part of Farish timber enterprise; the others are in territory of Nurata reserve.

Here rich both original flora and the fauna including many rare and valuable kinds of animals and plants. For example, Aydar - Arnasay system of lakes is the habitat largest in region more than 100 kind’s natatorium birds and one of the major mass wintering feathery. On this site about 1200 kinds of the higher plants, from them 41 kind is written in the «Red book» of Uzbekistan. The fauna of without backbone animals are more than 2 000 kinds. Without the exaggeration, the given region in the plan of bio variety is simply unique.  

The project’s overall objective is the ecological education and local population formation, especially first of all rising generation. There is already begun work on creation of a powerful mobile exposition which informs people about bio variety of this region.  Ecological track is a specially equipped route passing through natural and cultural landscapes. Excursion on such track is a rest, getting pleasure from beauty of the nature plus knowledge, fundamentally how to keep environment.  

Other important purpose of the project is the development of ecological tourism in given region as alternative kind of economic activities of the population. Considering that tourism business for many farish inhabitants the branch unfamiliar, within the limits of the project is begun preparation of local guides and working out of new tourist routes, is creating the information base where historical, ethnographic, geographical data on this unique edge will enter.