Uzbek Youth Tours along Tashkent as City to Mark Jubilee

The first stage of charity campaign was held in Tashkent as a part of implementing the Year of Youth State program and preparations to forthcoming 2200th anniversary of the Uzbek capital due in May 2009.

“Tashkent through the eyes of youth” was the motto of the event, according to the Narodnoye slovo newspaper.

The Central Council of Kamolot Public Youth Movement alongside with the youth tourist organization Kamolot-Turne affiliate company initiated the campaign.

For over the course of campaign over 150 children from around Tashkent visited the historical places of worth in the city: the Kukaldash Madrassah, the complexes of Khazrati Imam, Kaffal Shoshiy, as well as the modern architectural monuments of independence. They were accompanied by professional guides who told about Tashkent’s rich cultural historical heritage. They also received booklets with photographs of the old and modern Tashkent.

“The main goal of campaign is to shape in forthcoming generation the sense of love to Homeland, respect to its invaluable culture and history, which serves an important factor in upbringing the youth”, - the Kamolot-Turne director Khilola Makhmudova said. “And such events promote this. We have been cooperating with Kamolot Public Youth Movement for a long time and our work is aimed at not only developing the youth tourism but also to raise Uzbekistan’s prestige in the world tourist market given the potential of the Uzbek youth”.

According to the campaign initiators, its second stage is due late July. This time the participants of an unforgettable tour along Tashkent will be the children from around Uzbekistan.

Lola Bekmuratova for the Information Agency “Jahon” in English