Tourists Speak on Tashkent as City Jubilee at Doorstep

Uzbekistan is preparing to celebrate the 2200th anniversary of its capital - Tashkent. Beauty and charm of the city, along with its sublime buildings, wonderful climate, shady and cool squares fascinate each and every one who comes to Uzbekistan.

It is a busy time now for Tashkent since it is witnessing a real influx of foreign tourists. The Uzbekistan National News Agency correspondents asked some of them about their impressions from the trip to Uzbekistan and notably to Tashkent.

“I see the big changes every time I come to Uzbekistan,” said Wang Tyezyun of China. “It is wonderful to see the country living in peace and stability, its people prosperous. I would say that it is a result of wide-scale reforms underway in Uzbekistan and aimed at a single goal – providing for the well-being of people”.

“I know that next year Tashkent will celebrate its 2200th years anniversary. For over the centuries this ancient city has been astounding the entire world with its monuments of architecture, great scholars, hospitality and friendliness of its people”, Mr. Tyezyun concluded.

“This is my first visit to Uzbekistan,” Katarzina Konarska from Poland said. “I’ve read a lot about the history and culture of your country. But I have never expected to see such a wonderful country, amazing people, breathtaking monuments. It has all exceeded my expectations. Tashkent is amazing. I truly envy the people who live on this ancient and beautiful country”.

Taner Guven from Turkey is also for the first time in Tashkent. “I know that the people of this country have contributed to the development of humanity and I heard that Tashkent is famous as the Gate of the East,” he said. “But it is much more beautiful than I've ever imagined. I visited all famous places of sightseeing, monuments of architecture and sacred places of worship. I especially enjoyed the complex of Hazrati Imam. Many nations of the world could adopt such virtues of Uzbek people as diligence, kindness and adherence to the national traditions.  

Zafar Abdughaffarov for the Information Agency “Jahon” in English