Tourist Potential of Uzbekistan Presented in Russia, China

The presentations Uzbekistan’s tourist potential have been initiated by the Forum of Culture and Art of Uzbekistan Fund in two different countries, the Narodnoye Slovo newspaper reported.

First presentation was held at the Ninth Moscow International Tourist Fair. More than 1,000 tourist firms and companies from 50 countries have gathered in Russian capital.

The guests of the Uzbek potential have enjoyed the national fabrics, ceramics, jewelry and other samples of applied art. They also learnt about the famous places of sightseeing, as well as the activity of the Fund. The presentation of newly established “Kelajak tour” Bureau for International Youth Tourism and Cooperation of  “Kelajak ovozi” (‘Voice of the future’) Center for Youth Initiatives has been held at the event.

The presentation of Uzbekistan was held at the Fourth Chinese International Fair of products of cultural industry as well. More than 1600 companies from 46 countries attended the gathering with Uzbekistan being the only Central Asian country to attend the event.

Uzbekistan’s tourist potential drew a significant interest of participants. Along with the economic and investment potential of the country, the guests have learnt about the culture and history of Uzbekistan.

Lola Bekmuratova for the Information Agency “Jahon” in English