Melon Festival Held in Bukhara, Visitors Enjoy Sweet Melons
The melon festival was held in Bukhara in Uzbekistan. The main goal of the festival is to supply citizens with quality and cheap agricultural products, develop the melon-growing, in particular, revive endangered sorts of melons thanks to rich experience gained in agriculture.

The farmers who presented more than 50 sorts of sweet products participated at the melon festival. For over the last years such sorts as barginak, kampirchopon, jujaburun and amiri are grown at melon plantations. The variety of sorts of burikalla – gulobi, sherozi and bekzodi are the results of permanent search of the Uzbek farmers to deliver better products to consumers.

During three days many foreign tourists have also participated at the festival, according to the national newspapers.

“Bukhara amazed me not only with its wonderful architectural monuments but also with sweet gifts of nature and juicy melons,” the visitor from Poland Monika Jarnovecka has said.

On the outcomes of festival, the farmers of Elmurod. Dustmurod. Shakhriyor farm in Jandar District, the Azim-Shofirkon yulduzi farm in Shafirkan District, and the Ramziddin. Ramazon. Asl farm of Peshku District have been found to have raised the rare sorts of melon and reaped good harvests. They were awarded the valuable gifts, the newspapers also wrote.

Lola Bekmuratova for the Information Agency “Jahon” in English