The number of UZ domains reaches 7,000

The number of domains registered in the UZ zone exceeded 7,000 on 25 July. According to statistics on the website of the UZ domain zone administration, at the beginning of the current year the figure stood at 5,766 domains (the growth made up about 22%).

Last February, there were 6,000 names in the national domain zone. This year over 2,200 new domains were registered and 960 were removed from the list. In 2007, the number of active domains increased by 2,155 or by almost 60%.

At present, seven official UZ domain registrars operate in Uzbekistan: Tomas, Amaliy Aloqalar Biznesi, Sarkor Telecom, Billur Com, TV-Inform, Arsenal-D and Simus of Ferghana. The cost of registration ranges from USD 16 to 25.

The Center for development and introduction of computer and information technologies UZINFOCOM administers the top-level domain UZ.

On July 2, new Regulation on registration and use of domain names in the UZ domain zone were introduced. The transition to the new rules is scheduled for 1 September.