Kyrgyz Carpets

The coloring of Kyrgyz national cloth, carpets, and embroideries is saturated and cheerful. It is composed of strong, contrasting colors, where warm colors (red and light brown) prevail. In the past, masters used natural dyes. Ornamentation has its origin in the Bronze age, but gradually has been was improved and expanded. Its elements were taken from the flora and fauna which surrounded the nomadic peoples. The main motif of Kyrgyz ornamentation was "kochkor" - stylized ram's horns. Sinuous lines with rhythmically placed curls are named "kyal" (dream or fantasy). It is also reminiscent of the branches of a flourishing tree.

Kyrgyz carpets - "kiyiz" and "shyrdak" - are made of warm felt and are always richly decorated. Shyrdak is made with the help of a mosaic technique of application, based on a patchwork of felt pieces with multicolored threads. Ala-kiyiz is made by ramming and rolling multi-colored fur into a friable felt base. It is famous for its cleanness of line and its fuzziness.

Mats and screens, as a rule, are a whole art composition, made by braiding cheegrass stalks with multicolored fur. On homemade machines, women wove from thick threads the braid (boo) for various ornaments. They embroidered with fur and gold thread on leather, felt, chamois and canvas.

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